Personal consultation process

Do you need a personal consultation for a technology issue you are facing? (E.g. your kids just moved abroad and you want to keep in touch with them via the Internet but not sure how?)

After our initial contact (phone or email), we will arrange a personal consultation. I will visit your premises and discuss your needs. If you require something simple, I will help you make it work on the spot, and train you in the use of the new software.

If you require something more complicated, I will take away my notes and come back to you within two working days with a written quote, explaining the work to be done. I will ring you to discuss the quote and answer any questions you may have. I will then work to deliver what you asked for within the agreed timeline.

The minimum charge for a personal consultation is £80 for a 45 minute session. The first hour of any work I may need to complete after that is free. For any further work, the standard rate of £50/hour applies.

Instant computer help over the Internet

If you are already connected to the Internet and are facing some problems or have questions you would like some professional guidance with, you will be given the option of allowing me to remotely connect to your computer. We will then work together, adjusting things, showing you how to do what you want over the phone and the Internet.

The minimum charge for this service is £15. The hourly rate is £50.

If you are in London and ask me to visit your premises, my callout charge is £60.

For existing customers whose computers meet security baseline criteria, we offer a maintenance service for £10/month.