Examples of home computing issues I can help you with:

  • My computer is running out of space, can you help me regain some disk space?
  • I bought a new laptop and now I can’t find anything!
  • My solicitor sent me some files by email but I can’t open them.
  • How do I send photos from my digital camera to my friends?
  • How do I get a new email address?
  • How do I fix my printer?
  • How do I make free phone calls over the Internet to my family and friends?
  • How do I create my own blog?
  • I’m going to throw away my old computer – can you help me make I’ve securely deleted all sensitive data?
  • How do I ensure my photos are safe and won’t be lost or accidentally deleted?
  • My Windows computer has become very slow! How can I make it faster?
  • How do I get rid of all these old email addresses in my contacts I no longer want?
  • I’ve got a new smartphone – can you show me how to use it?
  • I’m concerned about my online privacy. How do I control my privacy online (Facebook, Google etc)?
  • I bought a new computer – how do I connect it to the Internet?
  • Can you teach me some basic Excel skills? (calculations, graphs)

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