I can help with any IT issues you’re facing at work.

I specialise in Information Security, have a strong background in UNIX systems administration and enterprise storage technologies, and am a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Some examples of scenarios I can help with:

  • I have a small business. How can I do safe web banking?
  • I am building a startup business and want to ensure the business plans and our communications with my partner are kept confidential.
  • I am a corporate executive – people around me use all sorts of acronyms and technical computer jargon I don’t understand – can you discreetly help me understand what’s being discussed?
  • I am a professional photographer – how do I keep safe, organise, and publish online my portfolio?
  • I travel a lot – how do I encrypt my laptop to ensure no-one can read its contents? How do I keep the personal information I carry with me safe from prying eyes?
  • How do I create an encrypted USB memory stick for secure file transfers?
  • I am a journalist – how do I protect the identity of my sources? How can I communicate with my sources and colleagues in a way that other people can not eavesdrop? How can I exchange messages and files with them without our competitors knowing?
  • I am a lawyer – how do I protect the confidentiality of my clients’ information?
  • I need some advanced Excel skills – formulas, formatting, pivot tables etc – can you help?
  • I have a small business – how do I build applications on virtual machines (e.g. VMware) or in the cloud (e.g. Amazon Web Services), without buying expensive servers?
  • I have a small business – how do I keep viruses and malware from wreaking havoc on our systems?
  • I am a systems administrator – how do I protect my employer’s most valuable IT assets?
  • I am an NHS IT administrator and need to guarantee the secure deletion of magnetic media (hard disks) before recycling old computers – can you help?
  • We need someone to scan our network for vulnerabilities
  • I need someone with experience in
    • business intelligence systems
    • long-term digital archiving systems
    • log management and activity auditing
    • IT security requirements
    • IT security architecture